Back to life.
Back to street music.
Back to street art.
That's how chapter 2 begins

One year ago, musicians, acrobats and fire jugglers from all over the world brought the streets and squares of Târgu Mures to life. The festival exceeded our expectations and, judging by the feedback, those of an entire city.

The story continues. Between 2-4 September, artists from eight countries will roam the city. Local musicians will play an even bigger role this year, and during the day we’ll explore exciting topics at Street Talks.

Let’s bring the city back to life and make Târgu Mures dance!

Breaking away from the presence and programming offered by classic festivals and city days, the weekend will see national and international artists perform and entertain in different spaces of the city, within easy reach. In addition to the musical experience, the event will also have a lasting impact on our visual senses (Street Art Jam, fire shows, acrobats) and our gastronomic senses (Street Food)!