Songwriter, music producer, audio engineer and last but not least, such a great romanian singer. 

Founded in Brașov, Midnight Buzz has been entertaining its audience with funk, new jazz, fusion and groove music since 2018.

Xtreme Blues Dog will be joining us all the way from Brazil. He plays the kazoo, the guitar, the harmonica, the drums and sings, all at the same time, making a one of a kind mix of trash-blues-garage-punk-rock.

Portuguese singer and songwriter Estrela Gomes will delight us with some jazz tunes in Portuguese right on the stage of Street Music Festival in Târgu Mureș!

Cvartetul ArteMiss, a charming, talented and elegant band.

Let yourself be guided by the one and only Piano MAN and follow the music!

Ștefan Trubadur will be entertaining us once again with his voice and guitar on the streets of Târgu Mureș!

Romanian artist Oțetaru Andrei is coming back this year as well! Make sure not to miss his epic fire show at Street Music Festival!

The Japanese street performer Herosan is coming back to Târgu Mureș, and this time he is not coming alone!

Guinness World Records breaking sword swallower Murray Molloy is ready to amaze the people of Târgu Mureș! 

We’re excited to bring you performances by local artists as well, so we invite you to Street Music Festival to listen to Noi2 from the Traditional School of Arts! The band from Târgu Mureș will entertain us with pop, jazz, blues, soul and funk covers, but also with their own songs!

At this edition of Street Music Festival Târgu Mureș you will get the chance to see the Pyròvaghi duo, born in Tenerife in 2016, consisting of Marilù Nardelli and Nicola Chiappini! 

Darwin Pimentel is a street and circus artist and will entertain us with a mix of contact juggling, dance moves and circus acts.

We invite you to meet the talented Kóbori Andrea, singing teacher at the Hungarian section of the school and member of the State Philharmonic. She will also delight us with some of her own musical creations, launched this year! 

Kiss Lajos in addition to his dedication as a teacher, he devotes himself to his passion, music, and his signature style: jazz.

This weekend we will also be joined by Ioana Furdui from the Traditional School of Arts! Her continuous desire to learn, her enthusiasm and determination have always guided her in the field she is truly passionate about, music. 

This year we will have the pleasure of hearing Koszika sing in two performances: as part of the duo Koszika és Szász Csaba Eklektik duó and as part of Koszika & Friends.

Vlaicu Diana will also be joining us this weekend on behalf of the Târgu Mureș Popular School of Arts! She will take the stage and help us forget a little about the worries of everyday life through music.