Street Talks by

September 2

TimePresentation/panel titleLanguagePresenterModerator
11.45-12.00OpeningHUMónika Kozma, leader of Pro Economica Foundation
12.00-13.00Târgu Mureș in the spotlight. Discussion about tourism, monuments and historyHU/RORepresentative of the Mures County Museum;
Lóránt Szántó, director of the Palace of Culture;
Klára Lázok, chief librarian of Teleki Téka, Târgu Mureș;
Valentina Vary, administrator of Târgu Mureș Castle
Dávid Labancz
14.00-15.00Is gastrotourism the future?HUZsolt Gogolák, hotel development;
Zoltán Káli, hotel owner;
Attila Szász, marketing director, Restaurant Páva
Mónika Kozma, leader of Pro Economica Foundation
16.00-17.00Promoting traditional culture. Forms of education through culture ROIulian Praja, director manager, School of Arts Mureș

September 3

TimePresentation/panel titleLanguagePresenter Moderator
12.00-13.00Where are we now? Farming in the 21st centuryHUIstván Birtalan, President of the Mures County Youth Advisory Council (MIET) and founding member of Agromania;
Zsolt Attila Bordi Kacsó, Deputy Director of the Agricultural Payments and Intervention Agency (APIA)
Dávid Labancz
14.00-15.00 Artist troubles across the globe - Creative solutions, changes, actions and reactions - PANELENGHeroMacro (JP);
Murray Molloy (IR);
Estrella Gomez (POR);
Darwin Pimentel (VEN)
Kriszta Kiss
16.00-17.00Mures businessmen in dialogue. How do we respond to today's economic challenges? HU/ROZsolt Gogolák, owner and CEO of Multinvest Group;
Attila Fazakas, owner and CEO of Uniprest Instal Group;
Virgil Zahan, general director of Goldring
Cosmin Pop, owner of Romur, rescuer of the "Golden Rooster"
Zsolt Szathmáry, Performia

September 4

TimePresentation/panel titleLanguageLocationPresentationModerator
17.00-18.00Small Business Talks. Safely developing in uncertain times, environmentally conscious businesses in the spotlight ENG/HU/ROOld SynagogueNona(HU/ENG);
Circulo (HU)
Stop waste - zero waste shop (HU);
Washoes (RO);
ERA Pets (RO)
Eszter Jáhel Nagy
16.00-17.00It echoes in you! Talk-show by Erdély dala (Song of Transylvania) competition's organising teamHUCafé NegroCsongor Oltean, organizer of the Song of Transylvania and president of MIÉRT (Hungarian Youth Council);
Dóra Szilágyi, organizer of the Song of Transylvania, vice-president of MIÉRT (Hungarian Youth Council)
Dávid Labancz
17.00-18.00We slam dunked the career. Talk about basketball, life and the futureHU/ROCafé Negro; Vlad Nistor;
Sólyom Botond;
Goran Gajovic
István Péter